Welcome on my website! To briefly introduce myself, I’m gonna answer 29 questions below, hope that it will help you to know me better.

  1. Name? My name is Thomas.
  2. Age & Birthplace? I’m 23 years old and I’m born in Besançon, France.
  3. Education Level? I have a bachelor degree in Applied Languages and Business Administration and I’m studying to get a Master degree in Business Development.
  4. Places that you travelled to? I visited Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, China and the US.
  5. Biggest fear? My biggest fear is to Fail my life in general.
  6. Current mood? #Chilling
  7. Drink you last had? Lime-Cumcumber Flavored Water
  8. Every day starts with? I always start with a proper breakfast and a shower.
  9. Favorite song? I have so many but it would probably be either Best Day of My Life by American Authors or Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
  10. Ghosts, are they real? I don’t know but I don’t believe in paranormal activities.
  11. Hometown? Official hometown: Besançon / Unofficial: Indianapolis, IN
  12. In love? I wouldn’t say in love but I do have a huge crush on someone.
  13. Jealous of? I’m not really a jealous person except maybe when I see couples walking together sometimes.
  14. Last time you cried? Well, I think it was in front of a movie. Which? I don’t remember.
  15. Middle name? Corentin
  16. Number of siblings? I have a 32 years old brother.
  17. One wish? Getting my dream life.
  18. Person you last called? My best friend
  19. Question you’re always asked?
  20. Reason to smile? Life
  21. Song last sang? Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon
  22. Time you wake up? I wake up around 7:30AM.
  23. Underwear color? Dark colors.
  24. Vacation destination? USA or Croatia maybe.
  25. Worst habit? Procrastination
  26. X-Rays you’ve had? I have no idea.
  27. Zodiac sign? Capricorn
  28. Your favorite food? Italian cuisine
  29. Favorite TV Show & Character? I love New Girl and Schmidt is a role model to me ^^



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