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A once in a life-time meeting

Three years ago, I signed up to be an exchange student at Butler University, a private college in Indianapolis, IN – USA. Studying in the United States, watching some basketball, discovering this country that I discovered in the movies/on TV was an experience that I had dreamed off for a long time.

And that’s precisely when I met one of the most important person in my life: Rainie. And for God’s sake, I will remember her first words to me until I die: “You smell so French.”. And although we ended up becoming close, it was not that clear in the beginning that we would get along.  To be honest, I would describe myself at the time as a stupid kid who had never elevated his thoughts and we ended up our first talk with a fight about religion. But over the next weeks, we started to get along quite well. We were discussing many different subjects, but mostly I felt like she was bringing me something unique. She was helping me to elevate my thoughts. As I had spent a lonely Fall break, she talked to me about the opportunity to join a school trip to New Orleans volunteering to paint houses and so on at the beginning of Thanksgiving break. I joined the trip and had an amazing time there.

But after we came back in Indianapolis, I had a mental breakdown because of various reasons. But she supported me even when I acted like an idiot refusing her offer to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She stand by my side when many people would have left the ship. We then started to discuss every topic from academics to our personal lives. We supported each other through our tough times as through our good times, always trying to give the best possible advice for each other. Even when I went back home, we still kept in touch and we were able to discuss regularly. Rainie even visited me at home and we spent Christmas 2016 together. And to be honest, it was one of my favorite Christmas ever as we visited and travelled around the East of France but mostly as we spent it together.

And here I am, more than a year later visiting her during her final year of college. I can’t believe that four years will have passed since I met her but there is no days where I would regret this once in a life-time meeting. So my final phrase will be to you Rai; “THANK YOU for being the amazing human being that you are always caring, supportive and smart. You took such a important place in my life since we met that I can’t even think having you out of my life. You are amazing!”.


Why You Should Explore The World!

As a 24 year-old person, I cannot say that I have seen much of the world. I have only visited a short list of countries: Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China and the US. But I do have seen some of the greatest places that the world has to offer. I discovered a small part of New York, I saw the Grand Canyon, Vegas and the Golden Gate, I explored the remains of Roman cities in Pompeii and Roma and while visiting Barcelona, I was amazed by the sick creativity of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

These journeys allowed me to understand the beauty and the diversity of the world and I became more open-minded. As human beings, we should always be eager to discover, to learn, to travel and to see more of our world. I know that sometimes travelling can be a challenge for various reasons: money, time, fears, obligations … but we should never back up in front of small challenges because the benefit that you might gain out of such a journey will likely overcome the obstacles that you might face.

So here are five main reasons why you should explore the world:

la-me-ln-wildfire-in-sequoia-national-park-wildfire-20150404Sequoia National Park, USA

  • Discover the beauty of nature
    • You cannot imagine what mother nature is all about unless you’ve discovered places such as the Great Canyon, Sequoia National Park, Halong Bay or Plitvice Lakes. You cannot even picture those breathtaking places unless you’ve seen them. Their majestic beauty and proportions will make you realize how small you are and how few power you have in our beautiful world.

4e79d79b-9944-458f-8bcb-ff6d7c5fa566burjkhalifa-image-2Burj Khalifa – The World’s Highest Tower

  • Discover some of the greatest achievements of human beings
    • The human being is capable of some of the greatest achievements from architecture to product manufacturing. Discovering the creativity of architects and the incredible mindset of engineers will make you realize that we have been and still are capable to create some of the most impressive things in the world.

three-gorges-dam-chinaThree Gorges Dam, China – The World’s Biggest Dam

  • Discover new peoples and different cultures
    • Well I’m sure that we can discover almost everything from a computer screen nowadays but nothing will replace the social interaction of meeting and getting to know new people. Sure, it’s not easy but it is worth it and who knows who will you met?! As each individual is unique, we all have different cultures with different influences and so on. Discovering that can be really interesting as it will open your mind and soul to new points of view.

DSC00827Bryce Canyon View / © Thomas Beuraud – All Rights Reserved.

  • Open your mind and soul
    • All the previous things that I quoted before should help you with this part. If you’re closed-minded (or should I say if you support Donald Trump), well I can’t and won’t waste my time talking with you about what a open mind and soul can bring to your life but otherwise just know that, your life will be much better off if you don’t focus only on your small world and if you emphasize your focus on everything/everyone that is surrounding you.


  • Take a break from your daily routine
    • Enjoy taking a break from your day-to-day life while travelling. By doing things that are different from your routine, you will gain a true benefit that will help you to be healthier mentally and physically. Go to a fancy restaurant, go to the concert of an artist that you love, find a museum and discover new things, or just do something that you like because at the end of the day, life is short and we should do our best to enjoy as much of each day as possible.

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My Playlist

If you know me, you know that music has a very important place in my life. So I just want to share with you my favorite tracks of the moment.

Social Media

As a millennial, I’ve been growing up with ICT developing around me and as many people around my age, I have quickly adopted social networks when they came out and I’m still using them a lot. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat have no secrets for our generation and are part of our daily life for most of us. Worldwide we estimate that over 2.3 billion people are using social media but we need to use those carefully both from a personal and professional point of view. Exemples of counter-productive uses of social networks are quite numerous and sometimes dramatic so here are a few tips that are useful in my opinion.

  1. Always use high security and privacy settings. By doing so, your account will be less visible for headhunters to find or for hackers to hack, if they do they won’t be able to access your data easily. This is convenient if your profile has pics or other informations that you would like to hide. Plus, this will also help you prevent the theft of your digital identity (“meaning pics, names, infos, tastes…) stolen. Also, a good advice is to always set complex passwords using caps, signs, numbers… ; getting your account hacked is never convenient and can lead to some potential threats for you and your friends so use as many tools as possible to avoid it ;).
  2. Control your own publications. I know that it can be tempting to publish a lot of informations online from Snaps to status or Tweets, we live in a world that is super-connected so it is hard to resist. But you need to control yourself and more specifically what you are publishing, liking and so on for the exact same motives that I named in the previous tip.
  3. Control your friends publications. What I mean by this is that you should be careful about what your friends are publishing if you are included in this publication such as an identification, a picture and so on. If it bothers you either in a professional way or in a personal way, you should just ask your friend to delete his publication.
  4. Be careful while expressing your ideas. Social networks are a wonderful tool that gives you the opportunity to debate, share ideas, and discover the world that is surrounding you. But those networks are also quite quick to react if they think you are overreacting or attacking someone or something without any valid reasons.
  5. Be careful, cyberbullying does exist. Everybody knows about the different types of bullying at school, in the streets, in the common transport systems and so on. But cyber-bullying is something that everybody isn’t aware of. The story of Canadian teenager Amanda Todd is the most famous example of this practice (Find the all story here: here). Just know, that you should always be careful when talking to someone online. But mostly if someone is being rude, disrespectful and so on ; do not hesitate to talk about it with any close friends or relatives.


Enjoy! I know that this article is kind of harsh on social networks as they are the perfect tool to stay connected with friends and family. They are a wonderful tool, you just have to be careful while using them. 😉


Welcome on my website! To briefly introduce myself, I’m gonna answer 29 questions below, hope that it will help you to know me better.

  1. Name? My name is Thomas.
  2. Age & Birthplace? I’m 23 years old and I’m born in Besançon, France.
  3. Education Level? I have a bachelor degree in Applied Languages and Business Administration and I’m studying to get a Master degree in Business Development.
  4. Places that you travelled to? I visited Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, China and the US.
  5. Biggest fear? My biggest fear is to Fail my life in general.
  6. Current mood? #Chilling
  7. Drink you last had? Lime-Cumcumber Flavored Water
  8. Every day starts with? I always start with a proper breakfast and a shower.
  9. Favorite song? I have so many but it would probably be either Best Day of My Life by American Authors or Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
  10. Ghosts, are they real? I don’t know but I don’t believe in paranormal activities.
  11. Hometown? Official hometown: Besançon / Unofficial: Indianapolis, IN
  12. In love? I wouldn’t say in love but I do have a huge crush on someone.
  13. Jealous of? I’m not really a jealous person except maybe when I see couples walking together sometimes.
  14. Last time you cried? Well, I think it was in front of a movie. Which? I don’t remember.
  15. Middle name? Corentin
  16. Number of siblings? I have a 32 years old brother.
  17. One wish? Getting my dream life.
  18. Person you last called? My best friend
  19. Question you’re always asked?
  20. Reason to smile? Life
  21. Song last sang? Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon
  22. Time you wake up? I wake up around 7:30AM.
  23. Underwear color? Dark colors.
  24. Vacation destination? USA or Croatia maybe.
  25. Worst habit? Procrastination
  26. X-Rays you’ve had? I have no idea.
  27. Zodiac sign? Capricorn
  28. Your favorite food? Italian cuisine
  29. Favorite TV Show & Character? I love New Girl and Schmidt is a role model to me ^^